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    my full order is not here..It was placed on May 27.

  • Avatar

    order #1000058481  the cards have not arrived yet


  • Avatar

    Are your rings available ONLY in whole sizes ?

  • Avatar

    I need help Fromm the email I sent u Eileen Lorenzo email

  • Avatar
    Carol morgan

    My name is Carol Morgan. I am checking to see if an order I placed for a shamrock puzzle went through. 24 Brannen Dr. Savannah ga 31410

    I paid through amazon pay.

    Did you receive order?

  • Avatar
    Kathie Fitzgerald

    I ordered no# 062155
    Yesterday, when will i get my order number?

  • Avatar
    Douglas Stuart

    How do I get in a live chat?



  • Avatar

    I haven't received an email confirming my order.  I ordered it several days ago.


  • Avatar
    Rick Cebalt

    I need to find a recent order. I couldn’t sign in and have no order #. I was hoping you could use my email and address.

    Rick Cebalt


    3017 W Eagle Dr 

    Phoenix, Az 85086


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    Rick Cebalt

    I need help with a new order. Couldn’t sign and I have no order #. Can you check with address e mail and phone.

    rick cebalt

    3017 W Eagle Claw Dr

    Phoenix, AZ


    phone 480 290 9602.

    e mail

    Is this a joke. The other questions were sent in months ago. .

    Edited by Rick Cebalt
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