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  • Avatar
    Thomas McBride

    Hello. I am waiting on a request to return a ring. I am asking how long it normally takes to get a reply? I need to know if you received my last email with the order # 100051174 ?

    Thank you.


  • Avatar
    Beatrice MacGuire

    Am trying to purchase an (small) apartment size claddagh  door knocker.
    Have you any in stock? And if so, how to order it. 
    If not in stock, when will it be available.
    And what is its cost.
    Thank you for getting back to me ASAP. 

  • Avatar
    Carol olsen

    Yes I would like to know if my ordered taken

  • Avatar

    My oreder was shipped to the wrong address how can I change it???

  • Avatar
    Jennifer russell

    I am looking for a tree off life wall art. Looking for it to be metal with a wood round frame at least 30 inches round. Where can I find it

  • Avatar
    Carol morgan

    My name is Carol Morgan. I am checking to see if an order I placed for a shamrock puzzle went through. 24 Brannen Dr. Savannah ga 31410

    I paid through amazon pay.

    Did you receive order?

  • Avatar
    Kathie Fitzgerald

    I ordered no# 062155
    Yesterday, when will i get my order number?

  • Avatar

    Please let us know how we can become your vendor.

  • Avatar
    Pam Grillo

    did my order go through. It is for my sons wife need to know

  • Avatar

    why are the keychains with the clover in them so expensive.  There seem to be many others on line that are less

  • Avatar
    Jane Taylor

    I am looking for a necklace like the one my Scottish grandmother had. It is a silver rectangle with a thistle carved into it the thistle is breaking free of a chain. She said it was a symbol of Scottish resistance.  I have searched for years and cannot find one. Thank you for any help or advice, Jane


  • Avatar

    my basket keeps showing empty when I try to check out.

  • Avatar

    my full order is not here..It was placed on May 27.

  • Avatar

    I ordered from your co., and the ups had wrong instructions as to where to send it.  I do not understand if I have to re-order or if you are going to mail my order to my daughter-in-law in time for her birthday?  Please let me know what you are doing?  Or if I have to shop for another gift elseware?

  • Avatar
    Angelique Burke

    I have emailed customer service and not had a response - I would like to speak with someone about my purchase - how can I contact your company?



  • Avatar
    rahima akberzai

    i need some help with payment how to pay there is no option for pay

  • Avatar

    order #1000058481  the cards have not arrived yet


  • Avatar
    Terri Reynolds2002

    I need to know if the Claddagh Door Knocker is a surface mount with the screws going in from the front.  Thanks!

  • Avatar

    I ordered two of the same items by mistake.  One was shipped to my house and one to my granddaughter. How do i return the one sent to my house?

  • Avatar

    Are your rings available ONLY in whole sizes ?

  • Avatar
    Kruger, Buddy

    I was told my order was shipped 12/02/12  (

    ORDER CONFIRMATION                    Invoice No. 33457

     Confirmation No:   267898887

    I received a set of earrings that I had ordered after the necklace.

    I am hoping to receive this item soon as it is a Christmas gift.


  • Avatar
    Lenny Gitelson

    Why am I getting no help on my order? (Invoice/Receipt No. 34708) I ordered this in plenty of time to reach me by Christmas and I still haven't received it nor any answers nor any apologies or phone calls or any explanations. I chose your company out of many that I could have online or brick and mortar. Please help!

  • Avatar
    Becky Martin

    how can I yrack my order? my payment has come out of my bank.

  • Avatar

    Can you give me your address I would like to visit your store since I'm not that far away from lynbrook

  • Avatar

    Did my order take place?   Don’t want to order and pay for it twice.  

  • Avatar


    yesterday i sent a text asking a wholesale/availability for a few items.

    can please advise if they are available? and what the price will be for 700 units?

    scottish heather hone fudge

    butlers irish whisky toffee box

    o'neills shamrock shortbread cookes

    we will resale these items to our client.  let me know info asap as i need to send it to our client today 1/25/18.


    Miriam Galindo

  • Avatar

    Help me to return an item, I am very frustrated over trying to do this on your website !

  • Avatar

    I haven't received an email confirming my order.  I ordered it several days ago.


  • Avatar
    Justin O'Connor

    I ordered the wrong size! Can I return it and receive a different size? very happy with the purchase 

  • Avatar
    Lola Arce

    one of the wedding rings that I ordrdered said back ordered on it ,I would need the ring by next tuesday on my wedding day. is there anything you guys can do to help? how long will it take to get here?

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