Multiple Charges.....Pending Charges

Thank you for attempting your order with us. If you attempted your order several times and none or all but one attempt processed you might see what looks like several charges on your card. Especially if your credit car is linked to your ATM card. Please note that the multiple charges were immediately voided on our end.


Unfortunately your credit card company only verifies that your funds are available. We are responsible for verifying that your purchase is legitimate and not credit card fraud. Therefore to protect our customers from internet fraud we require several points of key information regarding your billing address as supplied by you and your credit company to match. When that information does not match exactly that which is provided by your bank/credit company we void your charge immediately and you get an error message. We never take your funds at all.


When a credit card company verifies your funds are available with every attempt to process your order they hold those funds set aside and ready to make that purchase. They can hold those funds out or pending for 24-48 business hours legally depending on your credit card policy. Every time you attempt a charge they hold those funds. They are not required to post credits and voids immediately only charges. So therefore, due to the current economy they (credit card companies) hold those funds for the maximum period allowed for interest charges. If you attempt several charges or purchases without correcting the error your bank can also issue a hold on your card for fraud security. Unfortunately customers using debit cards as credits cards are acutely aware of this practice unlike those using a true charge card only receiving a statement every 30 days they do not see this. Once a debit card is used as a credit card credit, credit card banking policies apply. We apologize for this inconvenience but the credit card companies practices are completely out of our control. You should see your voids/credit and your funds returned within 24-48 business hours. Any holds placed on your card will be removed according to your banks policies.


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