Change color of necklace

Invoice No. 15647
confirmation No. 1254326792

I ordered the Loving Tree of Life Necklace in brown. I was wondering if it is possible to switch to the green colored necklace at this point?

Thank you!

Also, it appears that the Celtic Wishing Necklace (wishing for luck) is on backorder... will it be available before Christmas?

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately we are unable to alter your order at this point as it is already being processed for shipping.

The Irish Jewelry Company

Unfortunately we can not guarantee any items on back order for Christmas delivery at this time.

Merry Christmas!

Will the rest of the order be shipped even though one item is on backorder? Or does the entire order ship at one time?

Hi.......if you are ordering multiply items.....and one is on back order we suggest that I the back ordered item be placed separately. We can not guarantee back ordered items at this point for Christmas delivery.

Merry Christmas!
The Irish Jewelry Company


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    Brenda Champion

    add me to the back order list for the Celtic Wishing necklace. thank you.

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