Why Rings Turn Fingers Green

If a person has a natural high acidity level in his/her skin, it is possible for his/her finger to "turn green" from silver or gold jewelry, especially when the weather is hot and humid. The green is actually caused by oxidation, and all silver will oxidize (it's also what gives silver a tarnished look). There are some costume jewelry items that cause the same effect. Most of them contain nickel. It's not poisonous in small quantities but it can provoke a reaction in people allergic to nickel.

This "green finger effect" may also be an allergic reaction to alloy elements in sterling silver or gold. In some cases, the alloys, used to make jewelry more durable, may react with your body chemistry, causing a harmless green or black discoloration on the skin, which can be easily removed with soap and water. For this reason, most retail silver jewelry and white gold jewelry is plated with rhodium, which serves as a defensive layer and prevents this reaction from happening to anyone with allergy.

Another reason may be lotions, soap or chemicals that come into contact with your skin on an everyday basis.

If a person has this allergic reaction, we would recommend to buy rings with rhodium plating. It is durable and gives silver a bright platinum sheen look. Another solution is to clean your silver jewelry as often as possible with polishing cloth. After about a week or two, the reaction should stop occurring.

As an alternative to silver jewelry we recommend stainless steel jewelry. It is clean, modern, non-hypoallergenic, untarnishable, extremely strong, and comfortable. Please visit our new collection of Irish stainless steel.




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