The Meaning of Beautiful Irish Jewelry

Have you ever been to Ireland? Ireland is a magical beauty worth a visit at least once. My family and I visit Ireland often and stay at a self catering cottage in the west, Connemara often. The beauty of the west coast is unsurpassed except by the warmth and friendliness of its people. The Irish culture and tradition is something everyone should experience in their life time. But if you can't get there just yet or you want to remember its warmth the easiest way to enjoy Ireland's beautiful heritage is through Irish jewelry. Jewelry as beautiful as Ireland itself steeped in symbolism and tradition.

While jewelry is usually designed to be beautiful, Irish jewelry truly stands apart because it isn't just pretty to look at, it has deep meaning and cultural ties.

There are many Celtic symbols but there are five beloved symbols translated into beautiful Irish jewelry time and time again. The Claddagh Ring, Irish Harp, Celtic Cross, Trinity Knot and last but not least the Shamrock.

The Claddagh Ring is the most famous of all Irish symbols isn't just for the Irish anymore. Named after a tiny fishing village Galway on the west coast, this popular design universal symbol of enduring love. The claddagh design has two hand holding a crowned heart. It's a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty.

The Irish Harp, although not as renowned as the shamrock is the official emblem if Ireland. The harp can be found on various official government documents such as the Irish presidential seal and passports. Irish harp jewelry is elegant and a true symbol of what it means to be Irish.

Legend says that the Celtic Cross was basically created by St. Patrick who drew a circle through a cross to tie in the symbolism of the Moon Goddess to teach the pagans about Christianity. Today it is viewed as a symbol of God endless love synonymous with the Irish faith.

The Trinity Knot like the Celtic Cross is a symbol of faith and heritage. Ancient Celts believed the triple knot was sacred. Christians adopted it as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Today the trinity knot is viewed as the Irish love knot.

Last but certainly not the least of the Irish symbols is the beloved shamrock. This lovely three leaf clover is adorned by all of Ireland. Like the trinity knot St. Patrick also used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. The shamrock is the flower of Ireland and beloved as jewelry worn as a symbol of good luck by all.

Ireland the land of magical beauty, rich in tradition and culture. When you give a piece of Irish jewelry you carry on Irish tradition one gift at a time. Irish jewelry can be found at reputable online store like The Irish Jewelry Company.

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