Lost Packages

All UPS tracking numbers are emailed automatically immediately upon shipping. Claims of lost packages or non receipt of package must be made within 2-3 weeks from date of shipping. All packages are shipped Insured and will be immediately replaced by IJC upon notification. IJC is not liable and cannot issue a refund for stolen package claims. Please email support with your order number at


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    Daniel B Sullivan

    they said package was delivered on 3\22\2017 at 3:54 pm. left at front door.

    I never received it. I go into UPS tracking with number, they say it is wrong number.

    Order #:100053858

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    My granddaughter ordered a necklace set called the Olympic set she wanted it for her prom on 5/11/19 but she has not received it was supposed to be delivered on the 26th but she doesn't have it.  she used my credit card it cost 188.00 please check and see where it is. if you cant find it by the 11th I will dispute the charge and reverse the charge but she really wants the set it goes with her dress. the order is under Dymon Parrish my name is Elmira Butler it was my card that was used. if you send another please request a signature and id thank you please try and finalize this before the 11th of may Thank you in advance

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